Westmeath Genealogy

Westmeath Genealogy

The Westmeath Genealogy Centre is located at the Dún na Sí Amenity & Heritage Park in Moate.  It is run under the auspices of the Irish Family History Foundation and the Moate Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann. Westmeath Genealogy offers family research for people tracing their Irish ancestors who originated in Westmeath. Dún na Sí is the designated Genealogy Centre for County Westmeath.

Throughout our turbulent history countless numbers have departed Ireland’s shores seeking a better life abroad. Today, the Irish Diaspora is found in every corner of the world.  A natural desire to find out where you come from and to re-connect with the land of your ancestors has led to a growing interest in the area of genealogical research. 

But it’s not just descendants of emigrants who are seeking this information. Many Irish people living at home also want to know where they came from, to whom they are related, where their ancestors lived and what the social, political, economic and cultural conditions of that era were.

Over the years thousands of Irish people have left Ireland, leaving their home and families behind. Their descendants engage us to undertake family history research tracing their Westmeath roots. There is a Genealogy Centre in almost every county in Ireland. The professional Genealogist, who works here in Dún na Sí, is uniquely qualified. Essential local knowledge and valuable contacts established over the years, especially in the local parishes, help identify the old homesteads or living relatives of the client.

If you would like us to help you find your roots in Westmeath, we would be very happy to hear from you. We offer the following services;

  • Consultation Service – for family historians who wish to carry out some research themselves. Our genealogists will point you in the right direction, advising you of all available sources. One hour of our time could save weeks of your time!

  • Commissioned Research – our genealogists conduct commissioned research. Our local knowledge & contacts are invaluable when tracing your Westmeath Ancestors. Our Preliminary Search entails of 2/3 hours spent tracing your ancestors using all available sources pertaining to County Westmeath, resulting in a Research Report. 


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