Dún na Sí Animal Sponsorship

Welcome to our animal sponsorship programme.

Meet our wonderful fur-ever friends who bring so much joy to our many visitors and to the kind staff who look after them daily, 365 days of the year.

The majority of our animals are rescues, we have taken them in when they had nowhere else to go. We aim to give them as good a life as possible.

As a sponsor your contribution will assist us in providing quality food, bedding and  veterinary care if needed.

This is an opportunity to make a direct impact on the daily lives of our animals.

Once an animal comes to Dún na Sí, they will live out their days here in peace and tranquillity.

Join us in our commitment to our animal welfare and become a sponsor today!

By sponsoring one of our animals you are helping us with:

  • Regular veterinary check-ups and emergency care.
  • Hoof  trimming.
  • Hay and straw.
  • Other feeds such as Rabbit food, Calf Crunch.
  • Special feed for underweight or older animals with special dietary needs.
  • Warm soft bedding and blankets.

Animal sponsorships make wonderful gifts – to yourself or someone special who shares your love of animals and cares for their welfare.

Each Sponsor will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship for their chosen animal.