Free One Day Sustainable Gardening Course

Event Date: 16 October, 2022

One Day Sustainable Gardening Course – This event is now sold out!!!!
We are delighted to host a FREE one-day sustainable gardening course at Dún na Sí Amenity
& Heritage Park on Sunday October 16th from 10am to 4pm. The course is being run by
horticulturist and environmentalist Aoife Munn (@munnaoife). The course will cover chemical
free gardening, pollinator planting, veg growing, mini pond building, pruning, cuttings and
much more. This course is suitable for adults with a keen interest in gardening or even those
who want to get started in gardening. Spaces are limited so please book your ticket on
Eventbrite, see link below.
This course is funded by The Heritage Council with support from Westmeath County Council.
Information also available on Facebook @DunNaSiPark or Instagram @dunnasi.