Dún na Sí is a volunteer run organisation. Our only sources of income are –

  • Entrance fees to the Heritage Park from April to September.
  • The revenue from the car park fee.

Therefore we are heavily reliant on Grant Funding to maintain and improve our Park.
See details below of recent successful Grant applications.

Creative Ireland 2024 Funding


We are thrilled to announce that we have been successful in our application to Creative Ireland Grant 2024, to work with the Irish Basketmakers Association and local community groups to plant a Willow surround in our Ringfort.

Willow is a versatile, strong and flexible tree that has been used for centuries in Ireland. Willow is the gift that keeps on giving, as it also improves both our soil and air quality.

We are looking forward to working with our local community groups to create this long-term, eco friendly solution for our Ringfort surround.

Workshop will start at the end of March 2024.

Axa Parks Fund.

Dún na Sí Amenity and Heritage Park are part of a national drive to promote local green spaces, biodiversity and community connections with new funding secured through the AXA Parks fund which is promoting green spaces across all 32 counties.

This grant allowed us to enhance our sensory garden by replacing our current raised beds which had started to decay and collapse. Using recycled sustainable materials sourced from Irish suppliers which are environmentally friendly.

Karen Nugent, General Manager at Dún na Si says: “The support of the AXA Parks Fund through The Community Foundation for Ireland is a great help in improving and maintaining our sensory garden, one of the many attractions in our Amenity Park. Local green spaces are vital assets which should be protected, promoted and supported. Our work will not only deliver benefits for local people now but will help ensure the survival of our local biodiversity to be enjoyed for generations to come”.

EU Grant Funding – Westmeath County Council.


A number of footpaths in the park were resurfaced making them more accessible to all users.

The public toilets in the park were completely upgraded and modernised, now consisting of 6 toilet cubicles with one full access Disability and baby changing friendly cubicle.

Creative Ireland Grant.

Mindfulness Labyrinth Path’ at Dún na Sí.

This project is funded by the Creative Ireland Programme.

Dún na Sí’s general manager Karen Nugent highlighted that “Mindfulness is more important than ever” and that “Here at Dún na Sí we’re always trying to connect people”.

Local Artist Patsy Preston leads the project having worked closely with Dún na Sí over the years and has designed many of the parks iconic figures such as ‘Lugh’s Spear’.

Patsy will work in conjunction with 4 local groups to design the Labyrinth. These are:

Moate Mens Shed.

St Hilda’s day care service, Moate.

Ukrainian’s living in Moate.

Horseleap Direct Provision Centre. 

Dún na Sí has worked closely with a number of these groups for many years.

Workshops began in June 2023 and will hopefully be completed by October 2023 with no disruption to access to the park during this time.

HSE National Lottery Grant.


Thanks to a successful application to the HSE National Lottery Grant we were able to add three wheelchair accessible picnic benches to the park, all made from recycled products. 1 is located at our Sensory Garden next to the accessible raised beds. 1 is located outside the Cafe near the Disability playground and 1 is located inside the Heritage Park outside the Fisherman’s cottage.



Dún na Sí Amenity & Heritage Park carried out a number of workshops with Ecologist George Smith. The aim was to educate students from our local schools on the importance of our turlough. Turloughs are unique to Ireland and are homes to lots of different plants and insects which the students were able to study whilst they explored the turlough.

These workshops were supported by the community water development fund.

The schools who took part in these workshops were:
St Oliver Plunkett – 6th Class
St. Brigid’s – 6th Class
An Grianan – 5th Class
Castledaly NS – 5th & 6th Class
Rosemount NS – 5th & 6th Class

We would like to thank all the parents and teachers who facilitated the children getting to the park. We would also like to thank our local Ecologist George Smith who did a great job and the Local Authority Waters Programme who funded these workshops.

Funding Information