Meet Our Donkeys


Meet Hazel, our affectionate brown donkey, who at over 20 years old, still has a heart full of love to give. She’s known for her enthusiasm for cuddles and isn’t shy about nudging her buddy Misty aside for some extra attention. Hazel’s open heart and love for rubs make her a darling on the farm. Sponsoring Hazel means supporting her in her golden years, ensuring she continues to thrive with love and care.


Meet Misty, our gentle and shy donkey, she may take a step back in hazel’s bolder moments but shares an equal desire for affection. Also in her twenties, Misty and Hazel are inseparable, demonstrating a deep bond that speaks to their years together. Sponsoring Misty ensures that she, alongside Hazel enjoys a comfortable and loving enviroment always close to her lifelong companion.