Meet Our Goats

Mamma Maple

Introducing Mamma Maple, our Queen of the barnyard! This charming 7 year old goat loves nothing better than basking in the spotlight with our visitors and munching on her favourite treats, grass and willow. Sponsoring Mamma Maple means joining her exclusive circle of fans. Make her day with your support!


Meet Jasmine, the shy but incredibly nurturing white goat who has quietly taken on the role of caretaker among our heard. Her gentle demeanour and selfless nature make her a silent guardian angel to her fellow goats. By supporting Jasmine, you’re supporting the heart that keeps our heard thriving!


Say hello to Pearl, our gentle soul wrapped in a coat as white as snow. Despite her older age and delicate frame, Pearl’s serene presence brings a peaceful harmony to our farm. Sponsor Pearl to ensure her golden years are filled with the care and love she deserves.


Introducing Pan the spirited pygmy goat who’s the newest addition to our heard and already making quite a splash! At Just 2 years old, his boundless energy and love for life are infectious, Our older lady goats don’t know what to do with him! Pan has a particular fondness for getting scratches in between his horns, a sure way to his heart, Sponsoring Pan means supporting his adventurous spirit and ensuring he continues to bring joy and vitality to the heard, join in Pan’s playful Journey!