Meet Our Pigs


Meet Niamh, our delightful kune kune pig who greets everyone with a waggy tail and a heart full of joy! This charming lady isn’t just friendly, she gets great bouts of the zoomies and loves nothing more than a good sprint around her pen. She is equally partial to a good scratch! Sponsoring Niamh means becoming part of her joyful daily adventures and ensuring her days are filled  with happiness and care.


Say hello to Oisín, our independent kune kune pig with a passion for gardening – piggy style! Oisín might not be the first to run up for a cuddle but give him a patch of earth to dig in, and he’s in hog heaven. He rarely says no to a scratch behind the ears or a juicy fruit treat. Sponsoring Oisín means supporting his love for the exploration and ensuring   he keeps turning over new ground, one happy snoutful at a time.