Meet Our Rabbits


Introducing Espresso our adorable 2 year old bunny with ears so floppy they deserve their own fan club !  Her playful spirit and unique looks make her a joy to behold. Sponsor espresso to keep her hopping happily ever after.


Nancy the cheeky 1 year old grey bunny is always up to something!  Her energy and playful nature light up our days and is the life of bunny town! Sponsoring Nancy fuels her fun and games.


A brave 2 year old grey bunny is nearly as daring as Nancy. His adventurous spirit is contagious encouraging all around him to explore. Sponsor Bill and help ensure his explorations continue boldly.


Luna our reserved black bunny shines with a quiet grace at only 1 year old. Her shyness only adds to her charm inviting a gentle approach, Supporting Luna means giving her the comfort and space to flourish.


Harry’s big heart beats for his beloved Luna. This 2 year old  black bunny is the epitome of a loving companion. Sponsor Harry to nurture his and Luna’s special bond.