18 January, 2021

New CE Opportunities at Dún na Sí!

There are some exciting new opportunities available at Dún na Sí on the Moate Heritage Community Employment programme. Come and work with our friendly team in a unique and beautiful workplace which celebrates heritage and nature! For any enquiries on these roles, please contact us at the details below.


Vacancy No: CES-2166865                              Number of vacancies: 4


Job Title: General Operative              

Location: Dun Na Si Amenity & Heritage Park, Moate

Duties: Maintenance of green areas, mowing, strimming, hedge clipping, weed control, planting & maintenance of flowerbeds, painting, collection and clearing of litter, grounds maintenance and related activities, improve and enhance the appearance of Dun Na Si Amenity & Heritage Park, assist in the day to day running of the Park & Centre.


Vacancy No: CES-2166867                              Number of vacancies: 1


Job Title: Office Worker                                

Location: Dun Na Si Heritage Centre, Moate

Duties: Computer skills, organisational and presentation skills with attention to detail.  Ability to multi-task. Interest in community and local history.  Deal with telephone & email queries.  Provide advice and assistance to visitors. Positive attitude, respect for confidentiality and discretion, dependable.  Must be flexible.


How to apply for a position on a Community Employment (CE) Scheme:

Please contact your local DEASP Employment Services/Intreo Office to check your eligibility for CE.  Vacancy Number will be required.  Eligibility to participate on CE is generally linked to those who are 21 years or over and applicants must also be in receipt of a qualifying Irish social welfare payment for 1 year or more.


Employer:                   Moate Heritage Co CLG /

                                         Community Employment (CE) Scheme, Moate

CE Supervisor:         Moira O’Connor

Contact:                      090 6481183 / moiraoc@dunnasi.ie