Meet Our Birds


Rooster & Chickens

We have a number of chickens and one rooster wandering around our heritage park. Did you know, you can only have one rooster per area?

This is due to the male being very territorial. If another male is introduced they would fight.

You will see the rooster walking around the park surrounded by his adoring chickens. They will let you get close to them but they do not like being handled.

They have a lovely life here at Dún na Sí as they freely ramble the 5 acres at their disposal. 


The ducks have a great time here in the Heritage Park. They have their own house, with a large garden and a pool. During the day they are wandering the 5 acres of the park at their leisure. 

They are a variety of colours and breeds. The runner ducks are appropriately names as they walk really fast and have great posture.


Did you know that Geese used to be the farmyard security?

When they are approached they make very loud noises, so they used to to alert the farmer if there was anyone on their land.

Our geese do what geese do, they honk loudly and are known to hiss depending on their humour. Don’t take it personal, its their way of saying Hello, but dont get too close!