7 January, 2021

New Heritage Park Mural!

A beautiful new outdoor mural has been completed on the wall of the Rural Museum within our Heritage Park! The mural tells the story of life in rural Ireland throughout time; displaying culture, heritage and traditional ways of life through depictions of work, music, and dance on its 34 metre long x 10 foot high canvas.

The fantastic mural was created by visual artist Patsy Preston, and the project was supported by Creative Ireland and the Westmeath County Council Arts Office. The mural provides a new visual artistic experience for enjoyment by visitors to our Park, and we look forward to reopening the Heritage Park in the near future, when visitors will have the chance to appreciate the artwork in full. We at Dún na Sí are very thankful to Patsy Preston for her wonderful artwork for the Park, and to the Westmeath County Council Arts Office and Creative Ireland for their assistance in helping the project come to fruition. We are sure that the mural will be enjoyed by many generations to come!