Junior Orienteering & Heritage Trail

Tour Details

Time2 hours and 10 minutes
Cost€10 per child. 1 teacher per 8 children will go free. Each adult thereafter will be €5.
Suitable Age Groups1st – 3rd Class

The children will take part in Junior Orienteering. This activity is based on Photo Star Orienteering and takes place in our Amenity Park. It is linked to the primary school curriculum.

The children can go back in time to see what it was like for the first farmers and experience life in a Ringfort, recreate lessons in our Hedge School and hear about what life and farming was like before Tractors, TVs or Wi-Fi. Along the way visit our Irish farm animals and Rural Museum.

Heritage Park tours can be personalised to your class’s interest area or section of the explored curriculum e.g. Life in the Past, Myths and Legends, Medieval Life etc..

Visit our “Teach Ceoil to learn the history of Irish dancing and maybe even dance a step or two in the Halla Damhsa (optional).

Upon tour completion children can explore our Amenity Park & spend unlimited time in the playground, parkland and picnic areas. Alternatively, groups can explore the Art in the Park Gardens, the Sensory Garden and Nature Walks adjacent to the Turlough.


Fully Guided Fun & Inclusive Tours!

Suitable for all abilities

Free Coach Parking onsite

Complimentary Tea & Coffee for Teachers/School Staff & Bus Drivers

Personalised Packages available

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