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Trees span the human generations, giving pleasure to many while enriching Ireland’s natural heritage. A distinct characteristic of the Dún na Sí Amenity Park is its Native Irish tree population. Substantial planting of native softwood and hardwood trees was carried out during the development stages and these trees now lend the park a healthy vibrant atmosphere which will be enjoyed by all, for many generations to come.

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Adopting a tree is a beautiful way to remember a loved one, celebrate family, mark a special event, or to create a pleasant place to visit! A tree could also be a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special to show how much they are appreciated.  Additionally, adopting a tree at Dún na Sí Amenity Park will help to reduce the risk of climate change, aid biodiversity, and create new habitats in the park.

Location of your adopted tree will be recorded on our mapping system, which will be available to view. A certificate will be issued recording the name of the person for whom the tree is adopted. You can include any dedication you wish on the certification to personalise it as you choose. Adoption details are recorded in a specially commissioned Tree Register Book.

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