Art in the Park

Art in the Park began its life as as an artistic sculpture competition which was open to all second level students, especially Transition Year students who were studying art, metalwork, woodwork or construction studies. Its objective was to create sculptural pieces from a range of materials suitable for outdoor display in Dún na Sí Amenity and Heritage park.

Dún na Sí - Art in the Park 7

Students used a range of materials to create sculptures for Art in the Park, including timber, concrete, stone, ceramic, mosaic, metal, organic and recycled materials. The task was to construct a three dimensional sculptural piece based on a chosen theme, with the only requirement being that the material should be able to withstand the very changeable midlands weather!

Five specially designed Art in the Park gardens were home to the winning pieces. The pieces were then returned and located either at the school or in the local community for permanent display. The project continues in the Amenity Park to this day, offering some wonderful creative artworks for appreciation by visitors enjoying an exploration of the Park grounds. 

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